Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Alligator Spotted and Trick Dismount

Kellie and I hauled out to Tyrrell to ride.  We met up with Kurt and James.  Kurt was on a new horse that is only 4 years old and on her first trail ride.  We went out Cattail Marsh and Jennie, the new horse, was leading.  She seems to be a brave little girl!

There was a turtle up on the bridge and Kurt picked it up and set it on the other side.  He walked Jennie over for the first time which is wise.  We got on the other side and were just past the water shoot and she spooked hard to the right.  Something slid in the water!

James and Kurt saving the turtle!
Huge alligator swimming across the bayou
Pink Spoonbills

We crossed the land bridge and went around to the back. We saw a huge alligator crossing Hildebrandt Bayou.  We kept going and had a terrific ride.  We crossed the bridge and I dismounted to clean Biscuit's hooves.  I went to remount and put my foot in and grabbed mane and pulled up and over right when he stepped to the left towards me and then forward.  I pitched over his shoulder, foot still hung in left stirrup and hanging on to his mane looking extremely uncoordinated I am sure.  I managed to kick the stirrup off and I knew I was coming off of him!  I landed on my fee looking backwards at his butt.  Yoooo HAAAAAA!!  Thank God I didn't bust my butt!!!  James said "Good Save!!!"  LOL

I led him over to a slight incline and remounted and pulled him up short when he kept trying to walk off.    We walked up the gravel road and Biscuit suddenly was on high alert.  There was someone in the woods and 3 people on horses popped out - omg it is so muddy in there!  James knew the man and one of the women was the lady that went "water skiing" on her horse at Ebenezer and got knocked out on the beach.  I didn't know that til we moved off.  She was riding a nice paint and I said "your horse is gorgeous" and she said in a tight voice "it's a stud".  LOL  I said well, this is a gelding - he won't be interested.  Geez...some people are just not friendly or even cordial!

We went along a little ways and Biscuit spooked HARD to the right - thank God I kept my seat.  James said I had improved!!!  LOL 

Some birds few up from the bog and they were PINK!!!  James said Flamingos and I said he was pulling my leg - I could see they weren't flamingo's - they were spoonbills.  So pretty!!!!

Kellie and I had a coke and visited and talked about her new trailer she is getting.  Had a great time.  Biscuit and I rode 36.9 miles in one week.  He was a good boy this week. 

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