Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting my saddle rebuilt

I talked to Staci Monday about my saddle.  She wasn't happy with the way it looked, felt, or how it sat!  She said it had not been oiled (she fired that saddle maker) before being sent to me.  She said it wasn't the wrong color at all - it just hadn't been oiled!  She had been so upset last year because it was the wrong color.  She didn't like the pencil roll on the cantle or the way the pommels looked - she said they weren't straight.  I said I thought the horn and cantle could have been neater but it wasn't that big of a deal to me last year.  It was to her though when she saw it herself.  She said the seat was very hard.  I said it was supposed to be supracore.

She and Levi tore the saddle apart while we were on the phone.  It was supracore but had two layers of the wrong foam on it.

She sent me this picture of the seat when they cut the seat off!!!  Wow Wee.  She suggested a different shaped fender like this one:

I told Staci those fenders are just fine.  She said she is going to totally remake the saddle.  I asked if she was going to use the same leather that came off of it and she said no.  So basically totally new saddle.  She said you are going to love it when you get it back.  Now that is standing behind the product that you make!!!  I asked her if she could remove the horn so she is going to see if that can work.  I hope it can.  I would still be able to grab hold of my pommel. 

I can't wait to get my saddle back.  She is putting some foam under the bars to raise them up some and I ordered the Skito.  I am thinking it is going to work!!


Jacque said...

That is integrity you rarely see in business these days!

Denise said...

yes it is Jacque!!! What a pleasure knowing that some people still take pride in their product!