Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters are back!

Alene and Louise returned to Plum Nearly Ranch on Tuesday to adjust Julia's saddle.  They had Julia call me to let me know when they would be there and Face Booked me to say they needed cake.  I had made a bunch of vanilla/strawberry cake balls so I took those out to the barn.  They got lost and called and I talked them in to getting to the barn.

Louise took apart the saddle so fast it was amazing!  It is the same one I helped sew last year.  She readjusted the stuffing and sewed it back up.  Makes me want an English Saddle.

Look how pretty it is!!!  Love the SSF

The Dressage is on the left - I love that one!  Love the color!!!

Two SSF and the one Louise just sewed up!!! 

Could be my future saddle!!

Alene and Lee Ann P discussing leather
Then Alene gets out their new saddles - WOW!!  It had a SSF logo on the side.  She showed us two - one dressage and I am not sure what the other was as I am not an English rider.   We were talking about Alene's training classes and she agreed to give us a class in English riding in October - then we are going to go on a trail ride at Tyrrell Park.  Hahahaha...Alene is afraid of Spiders and we discussed Spider Polo - I will lead if there are any spiders but in October we should be safe.

We are going to each have a 30 minutes lesson, break for lunch and then head for the trails for a fun ride to put in to use the lesson we just had.  I am going to give English riding a go.  I loved my Aussie non horn saddle so I am kinda there now.  Lee Ann said I will love it.

Julia got on her newly adjust saddle and they discussed leg angles.  Alene said you shouldn't be able to see your toe when riding.  That feet out in the front doesn't give you proper balance and why it doesn't.  Heck - I learned a ton just listening to her. 

Alene and Louise in "a really nice truck!!!"

It was great seeing them and I am looking forward to them coming back.  I gave them the cake balls so I hope they enjoy them. 

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