Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Biscuit and I have matching hoof prints

I went out to the barn with intentions of riding The Biscuit.  It was very windy out there today.  I took out my grooming tools and curried Biscuit.  He is shedding like crazy.  I ran the Furminator over him and pulled out even more hair.  I finished up with a body brush and then brushed his mane and tail.  He looked so pretty.  I started on his hooves and he kept spooking up because of the wind - the cat was under his feet and that spooked him for heaven's sake.  They started up the lawn mower and he kept startling at that.  Kept pulling his feet from me.  Ugh.  It took forever to get his feet done. 

He spooked up over God knows what and landed - for the first time - on my foot.  AAAACCCK!!!  I had to shove him off of my foot.  I know have a hoof print on my boot. 

It took so long to do his feet I decided not to ride as I had a cake consult at 3:00 PM and needed to bake a cake for it. 

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