Thursday, March 8, 2012

Skito Pad Purchase

I talked to the Skito Pad folks today and sent picture of Biscuit in his saddle and without his saddle. I am very concerned about his roughed up areas in his back.  His back isn't flat like Sarge's  and he is in the best shape he can be in. 

Staci is resetting his seat but that won't change the saddle bars.  She suggested a Skito so I did order one today.  He suggested using a thin pad or just a saddle blanket like my purple one.  The one I am using of Lee Ann P's he felt was maybe a little too thick with what he will be making for Biscuit.  He said 1/2" or so. 

A friend had said she loved my saddle and I texted her yesterday and said I was considering selling it due to not fitting the Biscuit.  She texted me back today and said she was interested.  When I get the Skito in, if the saddle still doesn't work with the Skito, I will sell the saddle and get another one that will fit the shape Biscuit is in.  I think it is cheaper to get the Skito than ordering a new saddle but I have to have something that works for Biscuit.  This is probably why he always tries to evade me when I go to put his saddle on.  Poor guy.

Barry and I went out to the barn and I took a bag of carrots for the boys.  Biscuit loves carrots and it seems that Sarge did too!  The wind was really blowing and I had just washed and styled my hair.  By the time I left the barn I looked like Madam Mim from The Sword and the Stone.  Ugh...I look like a bedraggled poodle. 

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