Sunday, August 19, 2012

Checking out new park

Kellie and I went on a park investigation trip Friday down to Quintana Park.  We went all the way through Galveston.  I had never been that far down the road!!  It was very pretty down there.  We enjoyed the ride.  We stopped at a Buc-ee's and then on to the park.  It was a very nice park but it had a drop off to the beach.  A back and forth board sidewalk led down to the beach and unless a trail was built to get down there it would be difficult to get the horses down to the beach.  The cabins were very nice.  One draw back - huge refinery across the street that is converting liquid gas.  Giant bomb!    We went through Galveston and ate at a cute little restaurant and then went to a confection shop and bought chocolate caramel apples.  We went across the ferry and saw several dolphins.  We had a great time and wish we would have found a place to ride and spend the night.  I would like to ride at the end of Galveston.  It was nice down there. 

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