Monday, August 13, 2012

Fairtale Ride in Tyrrell Park

I didn't have anyone to ride with Saturday and Sunday so I rested which I think I really needed.  The Lee Anns and I planned a ride for Monday morning.  I got out to the barn at 6:50 AM and pulled Biscuit up, giving him and Sarge carrots.  Sarge has a witches knot in his mane!  OMG.  I will ahve to get out there and clean my boy up.  Poor Biscuit had bloody bites from flies on his neck and shoulders.  I gave him his breakfast - Lee Ann B told me that they had cut their feed in half due to some chubby horses on the ranch - so I had to dump half of Biscuit's feed.  I set his feed in front of him while I got out my tack. 

I hosed Biscuit off to get rid of the bloody bites.  We loaded up about 7:55 AM and hauled to Tyrrell Park.  Biscuit was the first out of the trailer and I tied him to the tree and saddled him up.  He is very willing to give me his front legs to stretch them out to make sure he doesn't have any wrinkles under his girth.  What a sweet boy! 

I mounted up and we headed across the driveway and I saw some black animals - first I thought they were dogs - near the trailhead.  OMG it was little hogs about knee high.  Lee Ann P hollered at them and they took off.  I popped Biscuit on the shoulder to get him moving first.  We got up to the trail head and heard some rustling and Biscuit stopped and then whirled around.  He wasn't a happy camper and The Lee Ann's dismounted and I did too because Biscuit was going sideways.  I saw Ricky riding up to the office house on a golf cart so I hollered for him to help the Three Damsels in Distress.  Hahahahaha we told him about the pigs and asked if he would go down the trails and run them off.  Ricky was Prince Charming on a white charger - even if the charger was a golf cart!!!

Bless him, he did and came out and said he'd found their little house of straw, then sticks and bricks.  Hahahahah  I told him he was a smart ass.  We all fell for it hook line and sinker at first.  Biscuit was having a fit and nearly running over me - he was not happy to have the golf cart driving behind him.  We went over to the mounting block and remounted and took off.  Biscuit turned into Puss N' Boots...he was certain the Big Bad Wolf was behind every tree.  He threw it into reverse and backed up and Rogue and Lee Ann took the lead.  Legato gave Biscuit a few nasty faces - she is so funny and expressive.  We saw a huge owl fly up into the tree - wish I could have gotten my camera out!!!   We went around to the back side and I tried to get Biscuit to take the lead...popping his shoulder with the crop but he threw it into reverse again.  He finally took over the lead so we could clear out spiders.  Lots of animal sounds moving in the woods.  We went around and kept going and Biscuit just gave me a tiny bit of flack at the trailhead but kept on going.  By then the horses had settled down and were happy campers.  The deer flies were buzzing around and I squished several.  Biscuit shook his head several times to get rid of them. 

When we were through with our ride I took his tack off and gave him a carrot.  He was watching Lee Ann P eat a power bar...LOL  Biscuit is a treat hound.  He is always looking for a treat for The Biscuit.  We loaded up and hauled back to the ranch.  I rinsed Biscuit off and he is getting so much better about having his head sprayed.  I keep working on hit.  Later I was rinsing the washrack and all of a sudden he startled up so hard he scared me.  LOL  I think he went to sleep and Legato came up to his head.  She was loose in the arena.  I think she scared the snot out of him.  What a sissy.  I put fly spray on him and took him back to his paddock. 

My feet are still going numb in the saddle.  Lee Ann B said I was sitting crooked and when I straightened up it helped my feet immediately.  I am going to try to raise them one more notch and try that.  I hope that works.  I like this saddle - it is light weight and FITS The Biscuit. 

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