Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Track is flipped over

Lee Ann B and I made arrangements to meet out at the barn at 8:00 AM to go for a ride.  We loaded up the tack and I went down and got Biscuit.  He saw the trailer and walked to the other side of the paddock!!  I loaded him up, picked up Lee Ann and Rogue and off we went.

We tacked up and mounted up.  I had to dismount because I forgot my helmet.  We went to the right and could hear a hog to our right in the woods.  We went around to the back and got to where the track was and found this

Ricky had flipped it over so the rubber side was up.  OMG it was bigger than we thought it was.  This picture cuts off part of it!

We kept going and came to a wallow and some standing water.  Biscuit refused to go through it even with a pop with the crop.  He threw it into reverse.  Rogue went through and then Biscuit followed.   Go figure!!!

We got up to the front of the trail head and he threw it into reverse when I didn't let him turn out of the trail.  I made him do very tight circles and then he finally went.  He went nicely through the wallow/water this time and again threw a little fit at the trail head.  Tight circles again.

We made three trips around the park and then went out after a little snit fit by Biscuit when he had to go past the trail head.  There were two people talking with Ricky near where we came out and they said "there was a hog in there!!"

We took their tack off and I cleaned Biscuit's hooves and washed him off at the water department.  I can spray his head now carefully - he still isn't thrilled but he doesn't have a fit.  We left the stables and hauled back to the barn.

Lee Ann P was leaving for her property in Lumberton to make ready in case the hurricane came.   Lee Ann and I said we would join her and help.  We put the horses up and Lee Ann went in her own car. We helped with tying up fence wires.  I got a big kick out of Mike and Andy the Halflingers.  They are PRECIOUS.  I went back to the car and got carrots for them...they thought that was pretty darn grand.

As it turns out, the hurricane isn't coming here - YAY but now if one does, the property where the horses go is ready.

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