Thursday, August 23, 2012

Road Trip to the Vet

Lee Ann P looked at Biscuit cankles this morning...they are still swollen.  She said Legato had got swollen legs a few months ago before they went to Mississippi - she actually had a tiny cut on her leg.

I decided to haul Sarge with me and get their shots while I was there.  I double dipped on the West Nile because I couldn't remember if they had had it or not - turns out they had but since WN is going crazy up in the Dallas area better safe than sorry.

Doc asked me to walked him down the middle of the barn and asked if he had been coughing, runny nose, off his feed, lethargic - big negative on all of those.  He listed to his heart and lungs and jugular veins.  He picked up his legs.  He thinks it is just a reaction to all the insects.  He gave his a steroid shot and an antihistamine with it.  He said if he is not better by Wednesday to let him know.

Biscuit was very worried and upset to have Doc all over him but he calmed down.  He got all of his shots, Rhino, influenza, West Nile and a Rabies shot.  Sarge got the same - but one shot hit a blood vessel and blood poured into the needle and he had to give it another go.  His side were full of lather from him leaning on the sides of the trailer being a nosy rosy.

It was $190 for everything and I got soaking wet closing doors and tail gate.

OMG that is a HUGE needle

I was brought here under false pretenses

Look at the lather on his sides.  He was rubbing up against the sides of the trailer trying to see what was going on!

Going over Willow Bayou


Jacque said...

I just paid a $190 vet bill for a 1.5 lb kitten with a head cold! And that doesn't include her vaccinations which is still to come.


Glad Bisquit's cankles are better!

Denise said...

Thanks Jacque B!!!! Sorry about that bill.....gotta love our pets!