Sunday, August 5, 2012

Everything But Flying Monkeys

Kellie got received in the Steele saddle tree, I think Thursday.  She took Elan to Doc Schneiter Saturday and he said it fit.  He did tell her to let Elan tell her how it feels by riding in it.  Last time she couldn't get him to trot/canter.  So she texted me and asked if I wanted to ride Saturday evening when it cooled off. 

I had two wedding cakes - one to Brandon and Heather's wedding.  I delivered the cakes around 1:20 PM and made it to the wedding.  It was nice to see my boys in tuxes with Brandon and Blaine!  The cake was a big hit with the couple.  I left the reception around 5:15 PM and went home and changed.  I picked up Biscuit and hauled out to the park.  We met at 7:00 because it was blazing hot and humid on Saturday.

We tacked up and headed into the trails.  They were dry and hard baked in most places - some mud and water in some places.  We went to the right.  We could hear an owl hooting!  We went down past the 2nd ride away and crossed some mud.  Biscuit sunk down and pulled his back legs out - fling mud EVERYWHERE - a chunk flew into my hair.  Gaaaa.  We rounded down to the back and Kellie ran into a spiderweb and her hat came off.  She got off of Elan to get it and was totally grossed out thinking a spider was on her.  I reassured her no spiders!!  She mounted up and I took the lead to clear out spiders.  We rounded the back and got just past the metal track that is so overgrown now it is hard to see.  I told Kellie to go right go right.  LOL she thought that a spider was there - I said no - metal track! 

We could hear the owl hooting Who Who Who and I said "it is Denise and Kellie!!!"  I told Kellie I almost expected the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz to come flying out.  Biscuit stopped short and head went up, snorting.  I urged forward, he threw it in reverse and started backing up.  Kellie went forward and we heard something moving to the right and Kellie said it was a deer!!!  OMG we have heard there were deer out there but we have never seen them.  We started to go forward and heard more crashing and wow wee...a huge black hog ran from the right and across the trail and onto the other side.  OMG we have seen evidence of them up in the woods but never actually seen them.  We saw a rabbit.  Biscuit worked on his side passing while I played a little spider polo.  We wentout of the woods and crossed the road so that Kellie could trot Elan in the Steele saddle.  She did and liked it.  We got back on the trail and started a trot.  We were trotting almost to the front.  Biscuit did shake his head hard once - LOL  he wanted to GO.  We walked out of the woods and Kellie was ahead of us.  Biscuit wanted to run to catch up but I growled at him LOL like Barry does and he stopped being a patootie.

I took his tack off and put it in Kellie's trailer and then washed him off.  Kellie and I hauled Sunday morning to the beach.  Ugh...she ran over a nutria rat road kill and it splashed blood on her tire of the trailer.  She was totally grossed out.  We tacked up and my brides mom from yesterday brought my cake stuff back and she got to meet The Biscuit.  She would be perfect with Sababba!!!  The wedding went well she said which is terrific.  

Kellie and I went down the beach road, stopping when golf carts went by.  Got to the beach - way too many people.  A couple of little girls ran up behind us wanting to see the horses.  I did tell them not to get to close.  Lots of holes in the beach from people digging.  Storm was over Galveston with heavy rain.   Pelicans diving into the water was pretty cool. 

We rode only 2 miles.  Too many people.  We will ride the beach in the winter.  We took their tack off and loaded up and headed home.

There was a funnel over Galveston at the time we were riding.  It poured buckets this evening.

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