Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Brenderup Wheel Cover is here

I had posted on the Brenderup Face Book page wanting to know if anyone knew where I could get Brenderup wheel covers as mine was shredded and looks like dammit.  Someone sent me a message saying she had bought out the remaining stock from a dealer and had a wheel cover.  I sent her a check...she sent me a wheel cover.

Look at the difference it made!!!  I HATED my B'up looked raggedy!!

Ugh....I kept it on there to protect the tire at least some!

Totally shredded!!

There!!!  Now it looks new again!!!!
I love my Brenderup trailer.  It is so easy to haul and my horses confidently walk up and down that ramp.  Biscuit is always a little unsure now when we go in a stepup!!!  So sorry they quit selling these in the US...they are fabulous!

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