Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rest In Peace Vincent

I went out to the barn this morning and found the tack room in disarray over in one corner, phone off the hook, fur scattered around and then saw Vincent over near my saddles in the middle of the room.  I called to him but didn't think he was alive.  Poor Vincent had been attacted by something - is right leg at the hock area was missing flesh and hair down to the bone.  Poor darling.  He was such funny cat...he loved to be brushed and would remind you with a cuff on the hand to keep up the brushing.  He climbed up Rogue's tail when he was a kitten.  I told Edgar and he at first didn't think it was Vincent.  He went looking for him and asked Jamie if he'd seen him.  Jamie and I said "no that is Vincent".  Edgar thinks a neighbor's dog did it.  OMG that is horrible.  If they would attack Vincent they may attact the horses.  Vincent was a young cat so it wasn't like he was old and feeble and unable to move.  So sad.  He will be missed. 

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