Monday, August 20, 2012

Hogs Galore in Tyrrell Park

The Rockin' R Riders had a ride in Tyrrell Park Saturday morning.  Barry decided to go with me so we left the house at 6:50 AM to get the horses.  I stopped at the tack room and Barry went down to get the horses.  I put their feed in and got hay for their bags...loaded up saddles and bridles and off we went. 

We met Kellie out at the park around 7:30 or so.  I got Biscuit tacked up.  James and Kenny arrived and some people we didn't know.  Kellie, Barry, James and I started off and went to the right in the woods.  Barry was leading, Kellie, me and then James who was on a new little paint gelding that was as cute as could be.  We rounded the first turn and Sarge spooked to the was hogs to the left.  We didn't see them but could hear them.  We later crossed the two ride aways and saw hogs to the right on the public road crossing it.  Good sized hogs too.

We went out on the bayou and the grass was saddle high but then was just stirrup high until we got down aways and then it was head high.  Biscuit was being a pill - generally he does what I ask but he was skittering a little with his back end to both side.  He just wanted to be up by Sarge.  We did some trotting.  We went to the bridge and Kellie and I headed back.  I had cake consults that afternoon...Kellie didn't want to get too hot so we headed back. 

Biscuit was giving me some grief on the ride...but I did get him to collect up properly - he was tucking his chin all the way to his chest to evade the bit - he did that when Kenny had that really harsh bit on him.  I pushed him into the bridle and he quit JUMPING into the jog and transitioned smoothly.  We got to the woods and wanted to go right.  He threw it into reverse and I swatted him and we had to go around a clump of grass but he finally went.  OMG when he doesn't want to go he throws it into reverse!  We went all around the woods and back to the barn.  It was a fun ride.

We heard an ambulance and got a call from Kenny asking if we were still there.  A lady on the ride had some problems and an ambulance was called.  Her hands went numb, then stiff, curled, etc.  I went and flagged down the ambulance and Kellie told them how to get out to the back to get to her through Cattail Marsh.  Then we heard a bunch of sirens and saw an ambulance, two supervisor trucks and a fire truck going down Frint Road by the stables.  The sirens stopped not to far down the road.  Kellie said must have been a bad accident.  A few seconds later here they come again and I flagged them down.  They flew into the stables and I asked if they were looking for the horseback rider and he said yes.  Kellie knew them and directed them to Cattail.  I called Barry and he was unaware that an ambulance had been called.  The lady had issues back by Hildebrant - the fartherest she could have been.  Kenny had told them to go ahead and so he and James had moved off and they were unaware that there was a health problem. 

A lady rode up ponying the Halflinger and I took his reins from her.  Her name is Therese and she said he was not easy to pony!!!  He is DARLING and I wanted to bring him home with me.  She said they were afraid the lady was having a stroke.  Kellie and I stayed til Barry arrived.  A life flight helicopter was called...Kellie told Kenny to tell them to stand down.  The EMS guys came back and said Acadian had got the lady out...Barry saw them going down the left side of the bog and when the second wave of EMS came Barry and James told them that the other ambulance had gone down there to get the lady and they weren't needed.

They came back to the stables and Kellie and I talked to them.  They were hilarious guys - they had had to take off the gate into Cattail Marsh.  The codes didn't work. 

Barry and the rest of the people returned.  I had already given Biscuit a bath and he was munching hay.  I took Sarge over and rinsed him off.  He was a sweaty fellow.  We loaded them up right as the weather was getting nasty.  It poured buckets on us on the way back but wasn't raining at the ranch. 

It is always an adventure to go riding.  You never know what you are going to see or run across or what is going to happen along the trail. 

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