Monday, August 20, 2012

Sarge has a bobo

I ran out to the barn today to check on the boys.  I had three little carrots and Sarge was all over that.  He is so funny.  I lifted up his lip to look at his teeth and he is always very accommodating about it.  He is full of smooches and kisses.  He gave Biscuit the evil eye a few times but Biscuit managed to get his share of carrots. 

I was looking at Sarges's head and the hair on the top left side was matted to his face.  I checked it out and bless his heart he lowered his head for me to look.  It was full of that nasty liquid that comes out of sores - that clear lymph liquid.  It was crusted into his forelock.  I pulled his forelock hair out of the crust and got a look at it.  It is a little sore no bigger than an eraser head.  I don't know if he scratched it on the fence or if it was an insect bite.  I went back to the barn and got some Clorox wipes, I only had two left, and my Furazone ointment. 

I went back to the paddock and bless his little heart, he stood there so quietly while I cleaned his head.  I was outside of the fence but he stood there.  I used a wipe to clean off all of the yuk and clean off the germs.  I put Furazone on it and he kept wanting to stick his nose in the jar.  He is a treat hound.  Poor baby...I kissed him up before leaving and give Biscuit another pat.  I will have to go out there tomorrow and make sure it is healing up.  I don't want it to get out of hand!  I took pictures but this new computer of Barry's doesn't seem to have a Bluetooth - I will have to get whatever it is to have that!!

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