Sunday, October 2, 2011

Winnie Rice Festival Parade

I got up early to get ready for the parade.  I went to the barn and pulled Biscuit up into the main barn and gave him a warm bath as it was a little cool.  I scrubbed his mane and tail and cleaned his face.  I was washing his face with a towel which is helping him overcome his headshyness.  He resists at first and is a little scared but I keep at it softly and rub his face and he relaxes because it feels good and he sees I am not hurting him.  I cleaned his nostrils which he didn't think was too wonderful either but I wasn't taking a dirty horse!!!  I put Show Sheen on his mane and tail so they would be sot and sleek.  I left him on the wash rack to dry while I put my makeup on and styled my hair.  I went there in rollers!!!

I had left my cell phone and hat at home so I had to go back to the house.  I tried to load up The Biscuit and he gave me all kinds of trash because he was on the rocks.  I got him in and out he came.  I got him in again and was trying to put up the buttbar and he plowed out anyway.  OMG what a patootie.  I thought "I don't have time for this!" and went and got him a little scoop and he gladly got in the trailer then. 

I got my cell and hat and headed out at 8:34 AM.  I was meeting Kellie at the church on the corner of Bluette and Hwy 124.  It seemed to have been synced by Hollywood:  I could see Kellie pulling in there right when I was driving up so she fell in right behind me and off we went. 

We got to Winnie and pulled in near Kenny.  I sprinkled Rainbow dust in their manes, tails, their butts and put some on their faces!  They were sparkling so pretty!!

We tacked up and The Orange County Church showed up with a wagon!!  OMG Elan was scared of the wagon and on high alert.  We talked to Jacque Authement.  She was riding her mare with the R/R brand - that is how I knew it was her even thought her back was to me.  We finally mounted up and Biscuit was going like a little top at first he was so excited.  He was excited to see Cutter - horses remember their friends and pasture buddies.  He didn't want to get far from Cutter.  Finally it was time to go and we went way in the back so that Elan wouldn't be upset by the wagon.  The parade was pretty uneventful and Biscuit wasn't the least concerned until Kenny and Cutter went up ahead.  He calmed down when he couldn't see them.  We finished the parade and didn't go into the grandstand area and pulled over to the side.  Kenny got out of the line and came towards us and Biscuit again got excited over Kenny and Cutter.  We told him we were going back to the trailer because Elan was a little nervous about all of noise and the wagons.

Kenny headed back and Biscuit reared up.  OMG I nearly had a cow.  He was excited and got carried away and I got off because I am a sissy.  Kel and I walked a ways and I was going to try to mount but I wasn't flexible enough.  We went a little furthur and I put him in a ditch and tried to get on and found out my fancy boots are slick and my feet slipped out.  I was going to take him to a culvert and dropped a rein and he stepped on it and snapped it.  OMG I had to walk back to the trailer.  Gaaaaa!!!

I took Biscuit's tack off and loaded him up.  It was fun and it was a Bucket List Item for me but don't know if I will do it again. 

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