Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Late Evening Ride

Barry and I went out to ride late this evening. It was about 7:20 or so by the time we actually swung up into the saddles.

I led Red out and saddled him after grooming him some. He is getting all beat up some how. I don't know if he is horsing around with Torique or not. His ear had a deep scratch on it and he wasn't too happy to have it messed with.

I led him into the small arena and the pigeon's were slamming around in the top making all kinds of racket. I was surprised when he skittered around me and his eyes were wide and showing white. Silly boy, I said, the pigeons won't hurt you. I hugged and patted him and walked him into the big arena. I didn't need him freaking out over pigeons. I mounted up and we walked around the arena and then trotted. Worked on side passes, going over the poles. He did stumble REALLY bad going around the back end of the arena. Geez, I thought he was going to face plant it. Good grief that would be bad. He caught himself though and did ok. Once when we were trotting it felt like his back end was doing something totally different than his front end. LOL I think Red was a pretty good race horse but he doesn't know what to do with those legs sometimes.

We worked on backing up...I asked for the backing, and once he started backing I applied light spurs. He really tucked and backed up then. Wow. He was a little confused but did really well.

I finally got off of him and told him to stay. I walked away from him. He kept his eyes on me. I walked in a circle and he watched me the best he could until I was out of sight. He kept standing there without moving. He is such a good boy. He was sweating a little under his saddle but it was basically a slow ride.

I put hoof stuff in his central sulcus and put his tack up. I went and got him a little grain and poured a Guinness Beer over it. I put his alfalfa in the bucket and went and got him. I led him to his stall and put his alfalfa in the black bucket near the door. I put his lead rope over his shoulder and he started eating his alfalfa. I took his pink bucket and scraped the grain into his big feeder. I called him and said "come here Red" and bless his little heart, he turned around and came to me. I reached for his halter and he was reaching for the grain. I said, "no, stand still til I get you halter off". Bless his little heart, he stood still while I took his halter off. He started into his grain and it was kinda moist and clumpy. He seemed to really like his grain with beer.

He is out of One AC at the barn so I need to make him some packets so the guys can give it to him.

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