Monday, August 3, 2009

Sarge is at boot camp!!!

I called Ray to check on Sarge this evening. He said Sarge was doing great and loading up. Sarge refused once and he was popped on the foreleg and then he decided the trailer was where he needed to be. Good boy!

Ray hauled him to town in the Brenderup - my sissy Brenderup. Ray said he was surprised at how well the Brenderup followed!! LOL he ran into someone in town that asked him where in the heck he got that trailer from and Ray said that it was a hot trailer and he could get one too!!! LOL his friend told him no thanks...he wasn't going to drag a sissy trailer!

He said that Sarge is out of shape and needs conditioning and that he is pretty darn rusty in his skills. To us, he is pretty darn spiffy! I told him Sarge needs a WHOA that works better. Ray said he used to have a good whoa!!! I said that Red's whoa was verbal or hands on and we want Sarge's to be the same.

He rode Sarge out in the woods, down the road, etc. I can't wait to see him Sunday!

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