Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red gives a little nicker to me

The past 24 hours have not been fun. Morgan was in a wreck in Beaumont - thank God she is alright - it was a miracle. She hydroplaned and bounced off the walls of the road and was hit by an 18 wheeler. She walked away with just a bump on her head.

Pat had brain surgery this morning - thank God again...he came through with flying colors and did well.

Mom most likely has uterine cancer - we will beat this. God is good.

I told Barry that this year has not been fun - with illnesses, surgeries, deaths of three family members. I told him the only bright spot was getting Red...that being with him for 5 minutes could suck away a weeks worth of stress.

I went out to the barn for a short time to day and was calling to Red and I heard him actually nicker to me! LOL that was a hoot. Red is generally so quiet - he never makes a sound. I hugged him up and smelled in his sweet smell.

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