Thursday, August 27, 2009

Red is always a stress reliever!!!

I went out to see Red this evening and was sitting on a bucket in his paddock watching him eat alfalfa. He is such a sweetie. Barry called me and I looked up and there he was in the truck by the barn. I got a handful of alfalfa and we went down to see Sarge. Sarge is such a sweetie too. I hugged him up.

I went back to see Red and his front quarters were damp and he had wet spots near his mane. It wasn't even hot! His sweating ability is coming back, thank God. I walked to his stall and he followed me in there to see if there was a treat but it was empty. I hugged his neck which is always a stress reliever. It just flows out of me when I am with him.

I am trading Margaret a bit for a bit. Red's Myler bit for the bit she loaned me for Red with the little curb chain. She is going to start Benjamin with it. We might go riding Sunday - that would be fun.

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