Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a day!!!

I was so tired today.  I wanted to ride and Barry and I went out to the barn.  I dropped him off at Sarge's paddock and went to get Red.  Red had not even been fed.  I got his bucket from Sergio and added his supplements.  I went to his paddock and we walked to his stall.  He was behaving so sweetly.  He is such a good boy.  I put his feed in his trough and it took him 18 minutes to eat it.  I was really tired for some reason.  I walked him over to the wash rack and told Barry I was going to just lunge him.  Barry tacked up Sarge and was in the arena with him.

I groomed Red and did his feet.  He was sweating on his neck some.  Just slightly moist.  He was dusty as all get out.  I got his lunge line and the buggy/lunge whip and we went into the little arena.  Red lunged like he did it everyday.  He is smart as all get out.  He doesn't forget anything.  We went round and round and then I asked him for th whoa.  He stopped and came in to me and I sent him th other way.  Round and round at a jog.  He just did a fabulous job.  He is so much fun to work with.

I took the lunge line off and put his lead rope and and went down the road.  Sadda came running up and I showed him the buggy whip and he turned around and straightened up!  LOL  Red acted like I was going to bop him with it and was moving away.  LOL  

We went down the road a little and I let Red graze.  I called Margaret and we chatted awhile.

I looked up and saw Sarge running in the arena with NO rider.  I almost had a cow.  Thank God I looked up and saw Barry walking.  Sarge came through the little arenas and around the barn and down the road near Sadda.  I was hurrying to catch Sarge up.  Sadda didn't have a big hissy like I thought he would.  Sarge just stood there by Sadda'a paddock and Barry and I reached him almost at the same time.

He had asked Sarge to "stay".  Sarge normally stays...not today.  He took off!!!  

I took Red to his paddock with a big bucket of alfalfa.  He behaved so well today.  I put it in the middle of the paddock for him and he was enjoying it when I left.  
Barry took him back to the arena, rode him, got off and asked him to stay....Sarge said tootaloo!!!  and off he went.  He ran all the way to the gate where I was sitting!!!  He is too funny.  Barry came and got him and got back on.  I called Margaret and we were talking about it and WOW there he went again.  Barry got off and told him to stay and Sarge just took off.  He came to the gate where I was sitting.  Margaret and I were cracking up over it.  Sarge was just not going to stay today.  

Barry rode him more and he was in a slow western pleasure lope with his head tucked and so collected!  He looked terrific.  Barry brought him up to the front and worked on the stay.  Sarge was not interested in staying today!!  If he continues to not stay Barry will have to work with lunge line!

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