Thursday, August 20, 2009

One AC information and a new bale of alfalfa

I had to go to Louisiana today to set up a chip rack in Eunice. On the way back I stopped at the Vinton Feed Store and talked to the cute little guy there that had his expensive roping horse on One AC. He said that he kept the horse stalled with fans but did ride him. He didn't run him hard for long periods but he still competed on him. He said the riding I am doing with Red is just fine and he will be worse off for not exercising. He said he will get fat up in a stall. LOL I asked for good, leafy alfalfa and said the last alfalfa was very stalky and that my boy was not amused. The little cowboy actually knows Red - Ronnie and Margaret buy stuff there when they are racing. He said "you didn't get it here though" and I said "yes, I did and my boy was not a happy. He is VERY picky about his alfafa!"

Red is putting back the weight he lost. He looks almost like he did when he started losing weight. God love him. I took him out a beer, a little grain, and his alfalfa. I am going to finish this bale before opening the next one. If it is stalky I am not going to be happy!

I hugged Red up - he is such a sweetie. I wanted to ride but I had Kayden so I couldn't. I want to ride tomorrow. Hopefully, I am going to haul him up to Margaret's so we can ride Sunday. Woo Hoo....that will be FUN!


Heather said...

Glad to hear your boy is doing well. Sarah loves to check your blog for photos, so let's have some girlie pie!

Denise said...

More pictures coming up soon Chickie.