Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Red Loads and Red Doesn't Load

Today we hauled the trailer out to load up the boys. Both of them loaded pretty easily. We took them on a ride through Port Acres.

We got back to the barn and Barry took Sarge out and took him to his pasture. I took Red out and walked him in a circle and asked him to load. He refused! Wanted to go wacky up the ramp, come off the ramp. I walked him around and asked again. Again it was no.

I got the buggy whip and popped him lightly. He had his lead rope thrown over his shoulder and he pulled away from me and backed up, turned around and trotted in between the paddocks down to his. I walked down there and caught him and walked him back and asked again. I tried like Ray did with the end of the buggy whip just tapping him. No.

I popped him with the buggy whip on the shoulder and after a few rough tries, he loaded up. I unloaded him and asked for the load again. Same crap. I popped him with the lead rope, not hard (that would be hard to do with his lead rope!) and walked him in a circle, asked for the load using the end to urge him up. After a bunch of flack, he loaded. Tried again and again flack. I popped him going in a circle with the end of the buggy whip, not even hard, lol he was too close and we went into a circle with him trying to pull away. I said "NO!"

I asked for the load again and he went. Again and he went. I guess he doesn't mind loading with Sarge but decided he would decide when. I decided that wasn't going to work...I will decide when Red loads.

After I unloaded him I patted him on the face and talked softly to him. Barry took him to his paddock and I got his hay. He came right to me in the paddock and we walked to his stall. I hugged him up before I left.

I told Barry I need to work with him alone on both sides of the trailer. I want him to load up, no questions asked. It is really a serious matter that a horse load when asked.

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