Friday, August 28, 2009

I think the anhydrosis is under control!!!!

What a relief!!!

Barry and I went to ride this morning and it was around 81 to 85 degrees. Red had wet patches on his neck and shoulders and I couldn't have been more thrilled. It was overcast when I got there but the sun came out and a nice breeze was blowing. We rode out to the back of the ranch and we were jogging and Red was feeling GOOD. He wanted to bust out and run but I am still not into running yet. He was controllable because he is a good boy. We jogged and trotted all over the place. When we went down the road and came to the end of the paddocks we went down to the left. Red was going at an angle instead of straight and moving all over. He was a little bit of a handful but he still listened. We stepped over the little tree barrier thingy and he did better today than the other day. We got to the log that he kept side stepping the other day and Sarge went over it first like a trooper. Red hesitated and then went. Barry loped off down the fence but I held Red to a good clip of a jog. We got to the center and Barry pointed at the sky to the north east and it was pink under the blue - bad weather coming. We kept going down the fence all the way to the end of the property...still at a job and trot. We went through the tall brush and into the clearing. Red was jogging and trotting. I could tell he wanted to GO.

I told Barry that he needed to get off and ride Red and open him up because he wanted to RUN. He was being a bit of a pill but still controllable. Barry said, you can't get back on. I have got to get where I can get off and on my horse. COW!!!

Barry took off and Red I believe gave a little buck (probably the very first in his ENTIRE life!!!) and was trying to get away from me...tossing his head, etc. I got him under control and pulled him in circles and backed him up. He was going sideways and trying to take off so we would go in circles and back up.

He was still shaking his head and the mosquitoes were horrible He was wanting to run - Barry runs with him and he loves that but hasn't felt good enough to do that. Red has never bucked with anyone a day in his life. I turned him in circles, backed him up and asked for a walk. He was going sideways a bit but he did listen. When we got back to the barn Red's entire forequarters were wet - not dripping but he was wet.

Wet under the saddle and the front end so I was happy. The One AC and electrolytes has worked for Red. I gave a Shiner Bock to Edgar who feeds for Red to have with his evening meal - gave him alfalfa and had to get home to make a wedding cake.

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