Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grooming Red

Barry and I went out to the barn late this afternoon to see Red. I took him over to the wash rack and groomed him. He seemed to enjoy it. I curried him a bunch and brushed and brushed him. Seemed like tons of dust and dirt were coming out. I brushed his mane, forelock and his tail. Cleaned his hooves. He was so patient about it. He had a lump under his left front leg in the folds in the back side. I don't know if that is from when he was bit or not. Poor baby...he was all beat up.

I kept hugging his neck....he is such a sweet boy. We took him back to his paddock and gave him his alfalfa and put Fur-a-zone on his bites. They look better but the ones on his left at the top of his leg must be very tender. He would shake his skin when I would touch it. Poor baby. He is so adorable.

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