Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sarge goes on a joy ride and then a trailer ride

Barry went out to the barn today to take Sarge on a trailer ride - we want to keep practicing their loading. Barry called me from Tyrrell Park and told me a funny story.

Evidently, the new wire on his paddock was replaced yesterday after it came down and Sarge went on a joy ride around the ranch!! That is just a scream. He went up to the barns, I believe he got into a little fracas with Sadda and the little two year old stallion across from Sadda and then went into the main barn and that is where they found him. That is hysterical. Sarge is such a funny little guy. Barry brought him over to the house and I took some picture so him that I will upload later.

He got a little upset over the sound of the nail guns being used on the roof across the street. I thought he was going to crawl up on Barry's lap.

I didn't get to go out to the barn today. I was exhausted and it was Kade's birthday. My back is hurting and that bites. I am going riding tomorrow though with Margaret. I will leave to go to the barn around 11:00 and leave around 12:00. Can't wait!

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