Monday, August 10, 2009

Trailer Rides and Sweating

Barry and I hooked up the Brenderup and hauled it out to the barn. Down the ranch road to Sarge's paddock. Barry turned the truck/trailer around and we stopped before the inlet to Sarge's paddock so the back of the trailer was as far away from Duke as possible. Barry went into the paddock and put Sarge's halter on. He lunged him for a few minutes and backed him up. I was petting poor old Duke. Duke took off bucking and snorting after a few minutes. He moves so beautifully but he needs tender loving care.

We brought Sarge around to the back of the trailer and Barry threw the lead rope over his back and said "Load Up" and up he went into the trailer - GOOD BOY!!!!!

We hauled up to the front and I stopped and got out and went to get Red. I whistled for him and called out to him and he started trotting up to the front. I hugged him up and put his halter on and led him out.

I walked him to the back of the trailer. Sarge was on the left hand side. I tossed the lead rope over his back and walked up the ramp and said "Load Up" and he walked right up the ramp. He stopped 2/3 of the way in to sniff Sarge and I was popping his butt to make him step forward. Barry popped him to and up he went and butt bar was put in place. That was SOOOO much easier that fighting with horses to get in the trailer!!

We drove down West Port Arthur Road to Hwy 365. We went up Hwy 365 to Hwy 69. Down Hwy 69 to the cut off by the prisons and back over to West Port Arthur Road and back to the barn. I opened the front door to Red's side and pulled up his rope and onto his shoulder. He was SWEATING!!! I told him to "back up" and he backed out of the trailer pretty as you please. He was SWEATING to a lather on his chest and his neck and shoulders were wet with sweat. His ears and poll were wet. God Bless My Boy!!!!!

I took him to the paddock and he dropped and rolled. I took him his alfalfa and he was such a happy boy.

My boys are the bomb dot com.

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