Friday, June 3, 2011

Farrier Tools for Barefoot Trimming

Today I went over to DS Horseshoeing Tools in Vinton, LA and met with Terry Burns.  (337-589-7217)  He makes the tools right there on site.  I purchased a 14" Racetrack nippers, a spring for the handles, a left handed knife and a sharpener.  He sharpened my other German made knife and sharpened the new knife.  Woot!  I also got a DS Farrier Tools hat!


Where to file when they get too far apart

Where to file to sharpen

Knife, Nippers, Spring, Sharpener
He had shoes of all kinds, knifes - left handed (I got one of those - I have a right handed), right handed, and circle knives, files, sharpeners, nippers, hoof stands, nails, etc.  I told him what I was doing - that me and The LeAnne's do barefoot trimming and that we are learning.

He showed me how to sharpen my knives and the nipper.  He said the nippers would last me a lifetime.  He said I shouldn't have any trouble cutting through Biscuit's hooves...good thing - I don't need any trouble.

LeAnn P and I are going to work on hooves Monday.  Biscuit's feet are growing like crazy.  He still has some thrush and I am going to work on getting rid of that.  I want his feet to be as strong as Sarge's.  Sarge's hooves need to be slightly rasped - they are slightly chipped from the rocks at Kisatchie - but nothing bad.  Biscuit's has a big chip in the front and the back.  I am going to keep his hoof boots on when we go riding until that stupid crack grows out!


Anonymous said...

Best Guy On The Planet, Honest, true to the core and loves to laugh. incredibly talented tool maker.

Denise said...

I agree!!!