Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Pretty Pony

I went out to the barn to see the horses.  Biscuit was laying down on the opposite side of the fence and wasn't inclined to get up just yet.  LOL  He finally got up and I took him back to the barn.  Reagan was there trimming the horses and Sadda was on the washrack getting trimmed.  Reagan makes trimming look SO easy.  I hopped in the Gator with them and went down the pasture road to trim some horses so I could watch.  I convinced Reagan he needed a hat insert and cool vest like we have.  He tried them out and he thought they were great.  I gave him the number to Hobby Hill to get him a set. 

We trimmed Cydabu or however  you spell her name....she is such a sweetheart.  I would love to get her for Barry to run endurance with.  I think he'd like to do that! 

Biscuit's trimmed hooves....I am getting BETTER!!!
I put Biscuit in the arena while we went down the road and when I came back and he was soaking wet with sweat.  I hosed him off so he'd cool down.  I went and got my farrier tools and picked up his back feet and went to work.  I set his hoof in the sling and he was so good!  He tried once to pull it away but a little tugging it back in place is all it took.  I went around with my nippers and it was done!  I am not near as fast as Reagan but I got it done!  I did the other side and only once did he try to put it down and just a little encouragement and he was a good boy. 

I rasped them and used my knife on his frogs.  I tried to get a good mustang roll but I am still working on that!  I think I need to put a bigger roll on it but it is coming along nicely.  I think his heels could be a little lower but not all at once. 

I called AQHA about registering Biscuit.  Kenny said the horse I originally thought was his dam can't be...she is too old.  I got that name from Mr. Lavergne who owns his sire, Skipper Di.  AQHA said I could do a DNA on his dam and then perhaps I would be able to register Biscuit.  If I were able to register him I would have to come up with a registered name...Skippin' The Biscuit sounds kinda cute.  I would like to be able to register him so that if I ever sell him he would be able to be shown.  I know it doesn't matter if they are registered - they can still end up abused, neglected, etc. but I just feel like that piece of paper is part of his identity.  His foaling date if I can get that would be helpful.

Biscuit is a terrific horse and I like him more and more!!!

Biscuit on June 28, 2011

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