Sunday, June 12, 2011

Riding Tyrrell with The LeAnnes

Riding Tyrrell with The LeAnnes

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Lee Ann B is back!  She visited her family in Canada for 2 weeks.  She, LeAnn P. and I went riding at Tyrrell today.  Kellie was supposed to go with us but she was feeling under the weather.  I got out to the barn and Biscuit was soaking wet already.  He was in the arena where I had put him yesterday.  I put Barry's saddle in the trailer and my bridle, etc.  I hosed Biscuit off and we loaded up and off we went.

We were coming down Tyrrell Park Road in the park just in front of the golf course and LeAnn stopped the truck.  She thought we had a blow out on the trailer.  Smoke was billowing up and the smell of burned rubber was everywhere.  There was no blowout.  She said a brake had locked up so she got back in the truck and Lee Ann B and I were on either side of the trailer and when she rolled the front wheel on the right side where I was at was the one that was locked up.  Something clunked inside and I thought the wheel was wobbling but it wasn't.  LeAnn unplugged the brakes and backed it up and it released the freeze!  We were rolling again.  We pulled over to the stables but the front gate was locked so we pulled over by the bathroom/pavilion and parked there.

We tacked up and good grief...I left the Crooked Stirrups at the barn!  Duh!  Thank God the Billy Cook's come with pre turned stirrups.  I had to take the girth up on the right hand side as it was too loose on Biscuit.  Sarge has a good sized girth even though he is not a big horse.  I put the breast strap on and mounted up.  I thought it was too loose and got off and tightened the girth.  I moved the stirrups up one hole.  We went down the side of the road and were joined by a little dog that looked like a terrier mixed with a Blue Heeler.

Through Biscuit's Ears

Little Tag Along Dog
We went into the woods and rode around.  The ground was hard as a brick and had huge cracks.  The little dog trotted along with us and Biscuit never tried to charge him.  LOL  I guess he just disliked Bella!

Dead Snake!!!
Willow Bayou.  We crossed the bridge and went out past the land bridge and I saw a dead snake.  We went down the paths and rounded the canals and saw the prettiest water hyacinths.  They were knocking down vegetation on the other side of the little slew.

Water Hyacinths in Purple - What could be prettier?

Knocking down vegetation
Biscuit and Denise riding in Barry's Billy Cook Saddle and Lee Ann and Rogue

Biscuit and Denise with Lee Ann and Rogue
Around the first curve - an alligator den

LeAnn playing spider polo

Watching out for Spiders!!!

Lee Ann B and Rogue coming down the back trail

LeAnn P, Legato and the Tag Along Doggie on the back trail

Tag Along Doggie at Biscuit's Feet

Lee Ann B and Rogue

Legato and LeAnn
We got to the back and James H. had mowed back there and it looked terrific.  We enjoyed the ride through the back but we did encounter some nasty spiders!  LeAnn was playing spider polo for us.  We had a great ride today and trotted coming back up Willow Bayou for quiet a ways.  It was a blast.  We rode through the woods and the dog finally ran into the woods and tree'd two little racoons!  They were so cute I wish I would have had my camera out!

Pipe painted green - the man bought the paint and supplies from me at SW!!!

My Poor Biscuit's chest with a rub on it
We got back and LeeAnn held a bucket for Biscuit to drink - LOL  I had offered him water in the bucket on the ground and he wasn't interested until LeeAnn held it for him!  I think he is in love with LeeAnn!!!  Poor guy, when I took the breast strap off of him it had rubbed a spot raw on his chest.  OMG I felt so bad.  I put Silvadean on it.

I uploaded the Garmin and we rode 8.6 miles today.  It was a blast and I am ready to go again.

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