Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Total riding is now 206.9 MILES after today's ride!!!!

The LeAnne's and I went riding at Tyrrell Monday morning.  I met them out there at 7:00 and we loaded up the horses.  LOL  I ponied Biscuit up there driving the RAV.  He did a great job following along.  Saved my knee that is for sure.

We got to the park and pulled into the stables and parked under a tree.  We tacked up and I could see where the Blevins Buckle was cutting into my girth.  OMG...it doesn't have a Blevins cover and that is why it is cutting into stuff.  We wrapped it with duct tape.  I called Staci and she said they have never had a problem with it but I am going to get me a Blevin's cover.  The stirrups do turn out nicely thank God but still, I think it can cause a problem and the last thing I need is to come off with a saddle!!  I am going to get me some Blevin's Buckle Covers.

We rode out through the woods and out onto Willow Bayou.  We were going down by the ride away that goes off to the left and we could hear a helicopter and all of a sudden THERE it was right in front of us coming up the bayou VERY VERY low spraying stuff.  Thank God our horses didn't spook.  I'd just got off of Biscuit to tighten the girth and got back on very clumsily.  My legs are kinda stiff here lately.  Anywhoo, we trotted down the way for a while until my legs got tired.  We went across the big bridge and came upon a turtle - but poor guy was dead.  Head and legs out like he was walking and deader than a doornail.  I wanted a shot of him with my camera but when Biscuit got a whiff of that he didn't want to get too close!
We went on around the bayou and came across this nest of spiders...OMG I counted 30 of those rascals.  Gaaa!!! 

We went down towards the back and were almost there when all of a sudden Biscuit bucks up high and crow hops about 3 times to the right.  I was grabbing up the reins and brought him under control quickly.  LOL  Lee Ann B said he stepped on a piece of wood that tiddlywinked up into his stomach and scared the snot out of him.  LOL that was funny...well, since I didn't come off it was funny!  We went through the back woods which is a wonderful ride.  On the other side I was jogging behind Lee Anne trying to keep Biscuit collected and jogging.  I want him to get to where he can jog slowly and comfortably.

LeAnn said to hold the reins in position where I wanted them to be, sit back on my pockets, press down with my core, hold up chin when I was bouncing and go.  She said to slow him down to lean back.  LOL  we did and we went along like that.  Biscuit wasn't too happy and kept trying to evade it but we kept at that pace and I would slow him down if needed.  He is a terrific little guy and I really like him.  We went through the woods again and I worked on moving him over with leg pressure.  He is getting more and more responsive.  He is not great at it but better!  We rode for around 3 hours (2 hours and 47 minutes) so we made good time.  It was 8.4 miles. 

I uploaded the Garmin Miles and I now have a total of 206.9 miles for this year!!!  Wow Weee!!!!!!  If I keep up this pace it will be around 400 miles for the year.  I would like to push that to 500!

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