Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sarge goes to the vet again today

I hauled Sarge to the vet today.  I called and told Cassie what I needed and went out to get Sarge.  He walked off from the front - I know his thought bubble said "humm...Denise with my halter and trailer.  She doesn't ride me...must be going to the vet and that is not good for me!"  I finally caught him and I took him out of the paddock and dropped the rope to tie the gate and off he went down the road.  He stepped on his lead rope twice.  I caught him and put his butt in the trailer. 
Sarge in the Brenderup

Sarge's Fecal Test Underway - poo in a tube

Cassie working with the sample

Cody was there helping Dr. Schneiter and he came out and got the fecal sample Sarge has so graciously deposited.  Cassie got the test set up and later - yes...he still has Strongels.  We tube wormed him again and Doc gave me a Vitamin E and Selenium supplement and a thyroid supplement.
I talked to Bruce, Jr. and he said Power Packs are the way to go.  I am going to research Power Packs and get them for both of the boys.  I want Sarge better now. 

I got the receipt from Valleyvet for the Easy Boot Gloves and sent it to Easy Boot and they are going to replace the gator on my Boot. 

Torn Gator

Where is my strap?!!!

Biscuit's new straps will be purple!!!

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