Monday, June 13, 2011

Purple Bling & Hobby Hill

I love purple...just in case anyone has not noticed!  My cousin Kellie bought this hat for is purple and is FULL of bling.  Can't wait to wear it.  And I will wear it with my new Hobby Hill Activewear Vest to keep cool in our Texas heat.  I ordered mine from

I got mine in purple.  Lee Ann B was wearing one yesterday and it was keeping her nice and cool.  Kellie and I have talked about getting one but we haven't until today.  I called Lee Ann and asked her where she got it and the brand.  I looked at SmartPac but they didn't have them so I looked up Hobby Hill and there they were.  Lee Ann's is a taupe color.  I went out to the barn and Lee Ann had it with her.  I tried it on and even though she had washed it either last night or earlier that day it was still cool and I could tell the difference.  LeAnn P tried it on and it fit her too.  I called Kellie and left her a message to see if she wanted one.

I talked to her later and she wanted one - in Blue, LeAnn wanted hers in a neutral color and I wanted PURPLE.  I called and talked to the nice lady there and they are going to be shipped out tomorrow.  I am looking forward to getting our vests and having cooler rides.

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