Sunday, June 19, 2011

Riding in my new Activewear Vest

Short Saturday Trip

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I went on a short ride this weekend.  It was the Rockin' R Riders out at Tyrrell Park.  I could only ride a short ride as I had to deliver a wedding cake at 1:00 PM.  I was looking forward to trying out my cool vest that I had received in on Saturday.  I had activated my vest the night before with water and put it on and put the cap insert in.  I followed Barry in the Rav so I could leave early and he could stay and ride.  The vest helped!  I could tell a big difference and it was HOT yesterday.  I tacked Biscuit up in the Billy Cook sans the breast strap.  I used the mounting block because my knees aren't real flexible right now and I am babying them so they will get better.  Biscuit stood like a good boy.  Kellie, Susan, Esther, Lee Ann B, James, Beverly, Kenny, Pam, Robin, Sharon, Terry and Casey and a some other folks were riding. 

We rode through the woods and around to the gravel rode.  LOL  along the way I got a face full of spider web and I thought it was just web.  NO.  A big banana spider was on me.   AAAACCCKK.  I brushed him off - I thought.  A little later here he comes up my shoulder - AAAAACCKKKKK!!!  I asked Bev if I got him off and she went behind me and couldn't see it.  Off we go again and a little while later he is coming up me again.  OMG   I was brushing it off and James got off of his horse to make sure it was gone and I feel something running up my back and thank God it was just James pulling my chain.  He was laughing and he got a big kick out of that.  LOL  and I had just been telling them that we had heaped praise on him the previous week for clearing the path in the back!!  Revenge is on the way...hummm....I will have to think of something.

We rode around and down the gravel road and out to the big bridge.  I put Biscuit in a lope and omg was it discombobulated.  I don't know if he was cross firing or what he was going at a slant towards the water and felt like riding a 4 wheeler down a rutted road!  I stopped him and tried again but got the same lumpy ride.  We stopped and visited and let people catch up and Kellie and I had to turn back so I could deliver my cake and she was getting a headache.

The vests helped and so did the cap insert.  Kellie didn't have the cap insert as she had a cowboy hat on.  It would have helped her I think and next time she will give it a whirl.

Barry stayed while we went back.  We went down the gravel road and into the woods.  We came out of the woods and walked around the road in the park to the stables.  I washed Biscuit off and put him in the round pen.  I had to get the cake delivered.  I rode 4.2 miles.

Later that day Barry and I went to visit Kellie and Randy and her was nice to see Ansley and Chris and of course, my other cousins on that side.  Frankie's son David and his wife and Chase was there, too.  He is so excited that he has a horse now!  He and Nugget are going to make a good team.

From there we went to Tyrrell Park Stables for the fish fry with the RR Riders.  Kent and Melody were there for the afternoon ride and so we visited with them and James and Beverly, Pam and her hubby, Kenny and Tracey and others.  It was so nice!  The sun went down and cooled off with a nice breeze and no mosquitoes!!!  The fish was fabulous - Red fish and trout with french fries, cole slaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, macaroni and cheese and I brought cup cakes and there were other desserts too.  The food and company were top notch.  It was a very nice day with horses, friends, cakes.  What could be nicer for me?

Barry and I never really rode together except for a small stretch where I was "cantering" Biscuit.  He was using his new saddle pad I bought him for Father's Day several weeks ago.  He did look nice with it on Sarge.  Sarge and him charged through the woods - not on the trails though.  LOL Sarge had cobwebs in his tail!!!
Kellie and I in our vests - Lee Ann is to the right in her vest. 

I liked this shot of Elan!!!

Biscuit was backing up - hummm....maybe into James for that spider thing?

Kellie, Beverly and Kenny

The bogs of the natural water filtration area.  It was gorgeous

Beverly and Nickie

Ester, Kellie, Pam, Lee Ann and Susan

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