Monday, June 13, 2011

Trimming hooves

When I went out to the barn today and visited with The LeAnns and Mr. Gus and Ms. Jean.  LeAnn was giving the foal and her momma a bath.  That little filly is just precious...and she is a pretty good sized little girl too.  Nice big butt and broad back.  She is going to be very nice.  She was getting a bath and being a good girl about it.  She is handled on a regular basis so she will grow up to be a wonderful horse for someone. 

I then went and brought up Biscuit.  He and Sarge were under their shed to keep cool.  I walked Biscuit slowly up front.  My knee is not happy walking that far so I go slow so not to aggravate it.  I put him on the wash rack and brushed him and put Silvadene on his chest.  It was puckered up but not totally hairless.  Poor guy.  I wanted to look at his hooves but he was wanting to refuse to pick up his front left.  I insisted.  I trimmed his front hooves again....lowered the heel just a tad.  I got Lee Ann B's advice on that.  I am still unsure of doing feet so I like to have a second opinion!  I rasped his front feet and worked on his mustang roll.  I put thrush medicine in his frogs and walked him back down to the pasture.  I wish he was up closer - at least til my knee stops hating me.  I am going to put thrush meds in those frogs every other day until it is gone.  It came back so fast and chewed up his frog.  Gaaaa....that is nasty business. 

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