Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Horse Drowns at Ebenezer

Kellie emailed me Sunday night and told me a lady came to the camp around noon or so crying and went into the bathroom.  She was covered in mud.  Randy talked to her.  Her horse had drowned over on Hidden Beach which I think is around where we go to the beach.  She had him in water and he dropped off into deeper water.  I don't know if he had on a tie down or what.   OMG  I would have had a fit.  I found this article in the Jasper paper on line...

Horse drowns in Lake Sam Rayburn

By Mike Lout
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The members of the Jasper County Emergency Corps faced a situation they had not faced before on Sunday when they received word that a horse had drowned in nearby Lake Sam Rayburn.

Corps member Slim Martindale said the incident occurred shortly after noon as a resident of DeRidder, in nearby Beauregard Parish was riding a horse along the shore in what is known as the Hidden Beaches area located between O’Neal’s Lodge and the Westwood Subdivision on the southwest part of the reservoir.

According to Martindale, water levels in the area ranged from 3 to 4 feet in some areas but also as much as 20 feet deep in other areas.

The rider was apparently riding the horse in an area of shallow water when he accidentally entered a very deep area.

The efforts of the rider and even fishermen in the area, who came to the aid of the horse, failed and the horse drowned.

Workers from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers assisted by bringing a boat specially rigged with a winch and crane used to maintain buoys to the area and lifted the carcass of the horse from the water.

The carcass was taken to the boat ramp at the Westwood Subdivision, where it was loaded onto a trailer and taken away.



Anonymous said...

He will always be missed.

Denise said...

I am sure he will be...I know all of us felt so bad for the people who lost their horse and those who witnessed it.