Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Saddle is on the UPS truck out for delivery

I can't wait to get it.  Who knows what time it will be delivered today though.  Geez...UPS is the pits.  Eli Miller, the saddle maker, finished it last week and said he took it to the General Store there in Ohio where he lives.  General Store has a UPS drop off point.  Geez...did it go out? No.  I was expecting to get it on Monday so on Thursday of last week I talked to Staci about a tracking number so I could track its movements. 

She said she called and the boy who answered the phone said it was STILL there - it had never been picked up.  He didn't know anything and the two girls that work there handle that but they weren't there.  OMG what a mess.  Staci called the next day and spoke to "Jolene" who said this wasn't her fault, it was BS, Amish people were Blah Blah Blah Blah (won't even put that in writing on my blog!).  She was supposed to call Staci back with a tracking number and left her a message of yelling back at her dad about Staci's name.  Gaaaaa.  Anyway, it was supposed to arrive Tuesday. 

I spoke to Traci on Monday to get the tracking number so I'd know what time it was arriving or approximately what time Tuesday.  Staci calls for the number and then tells me it won't arrive til Thursday.  It didn't ship out until Friday.  You would think since The Children of the Corn messed up they would have over nighted it!  LOL  that is what Staci said they were like talking to.  That cracked me up.  I saw that can only imagine what Jolene is like in person!!  Geez, that is why I don't like UPS.  Staci set up a FEDX account and I am sure it will work better for her and her company. 

So, I am sitting here waiting for UPS to bring my saddle.  I can't wait to see what Eli did to change the rigging and see the new fenders!!!  I hope he remembered to replace my stirrups with stamped ones. 

I will be riding in my Alleghany this weekend and Monday!  Woot!!!

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