Monday, June 6, 2011

Biscuit has a training session!

I went out to the barn today and brought up the boys.  I put Biscuit in the arena and gave Sarge a bath.  He was so full of sweat - poor guy!  He was so patient while I bathed him.  I scrubbed him up and trimmed off his sun dried straggles on his mane.  He looked good when I got through!

I told LeAnn I was going to work with Biscuit and she suggested using the surcingle with draw reins.  We put it on him and worked with touching his head which he doesn't like but he relaxed enough to let us.

LeAnn took him in the right side of the arena and worked his butt off.  He gave her some guff a few times, running through the open gates to the other side but she made him come back and do what she had requested.  LOL  he was dripping wet with sweat but he really is a very smart horse - he is stubborn but very smart.  We never got to the draw reins - that will be another day.  She worked with him on turning his butt and pivoting his front feet and visa versa.

I turned him out with Sarge and they were running around.  I left and ran to Subway for a sandwich and went to Sonic and got a diet coke for LeAnn and me.   I came back and LeAnn and I were going to go for a ride...I was going to put the swivel stirrups on Barry's saddle but they wouldn't fit on his fenders and I didn't have the "key" to take the crooked stirrup off of the 360 degree turn thingies. I just gave Biscuit a bath.  He was filthy.  I washed and combed his mane and tail and he is full of dapples and looks wonderful.  While LeAnne was riding I put the spring on my nippers!  I can see how they are going to really help!

I picked up Biscuit's foot and was able to nip around several inches with no problem.  Woot!

Sarge is starting to look like poop again.  Margaret said to give him Panacure - she thinks he has blood worms.  I need to get that boy parasite free.

What a pretty blonde backside!

Giving sugars to my boy, Sarge.

Poor guy's backside is itching. 

this picture was taken Friday.

Sarge last Friday - full of sweat marks

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