Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Short Camping Trip to Ebenezer

I finished a beautiful wedding cake and was going up to Ebenezer for a short trip.  I was able to get a reservation because there had been wild fires up there and the park had shut down prompting people to cancel the reservations.  The park opened back up and I was able to pick up a spot.  Barry decided at the last moment to go with me.  We threw the stuff in the truck and headed out.

We met Kellie, Randy, Kent, Melody, Robin and Jimmy up there.  They had been there since Friday.  We didn't get there til nearly 6:00 PM and we were invited to go eat at Ann and Chris's up on the lake.  Ann works with Kellie and another couple, Donna and her hubby were there.  She works with Kellie, too.  We had a blast.  We laughed and cut up and had great food.  What could be better?

We rode out the next morning for short ride - I had to be home by 1:00 PM because I had Taylor's bridal shower to go to and I had the cake on the bar at home.  Kent had been working with Cool in his little portable round pen and shaking the whip with the plastic bag on it at him and Biscuit became somewhat alarmed.  Poor guy had diarrhea in huge cow paddy.  I got my saddle on and adjusted the stirrups to fit.  I really liked the endurance stirrups.  They were very comfortable.  The padding is nice.

We rode down the trail til we came out on the road that we generally cross to go to the lake.  We split from the group so we could get back to the trailer in time for me to get home.  We went through a deep little cut that was very narrow on the side of the road where it crested.  Biscuit was hitting the sides and stumbling because of his Easy Boot Gloves catching on the dirt walls but other than that he did a great job.  We rode for 3.1 miles.  We hosed them off and talked with Jimmy.  It was a short short short trip but I enjoyed the company and being out there.

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