Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going out to see the Boys

Barry and I went out to see the horses this evening after having dinner at Carrabba's. We have been on a Carrabba's kick. Barry texted me last Monday and said he wanted crap cakes. I said "crap cakes or crab cakes?" LOL We went last Monday, Thursday and today. I get the same thing...Sicilian Chicken Soup and bread with olive oil. Barry gets crab cakes and the soup. It is becoming our little ritual. Oh.. and we did have soup at home twice last week too...on Sunday and Tuesday. We have had quiet a bit of soup this week even as hot as it is!

After leaving the restaurant we went out to the barn. The horses were in the back on the pasture on the gate side. Biscuit saw us coming up the road and was watching us. When we got out of the car he started for the front. Sarge waited awhile!! My knee was being cranky so I was being careful...it was hurting on the inside lower part. Gaaa. I petted Biscuit up and went around picking up his hooves. They are in serious need of trimming and it has just been two weeks Wednesday. The frogs look pretty good but the front right needs my attention. I will give it a go tomorrow and try to clean Sarge's sheath. Biscuit slightly dropped while I was there and he doesn't spook and flinch when I touch his junk. I touched Sarge's today and have been getting him used to that. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be a big deal.

They were wormed by LeAnn and Allison yesterday. I laughed at LeAnn and told her I had just wormed them and had told her about it. LOL She didn't remember but heck, another worming won't hurt them. She said they were real good about it!!! LOL they have had to get over their crankiness about it. They were wormed by me on August 8, so that was just 3 weeks ago. LOL I will kick the worm issue!!!


Jacque said...

Ugh...I am sticking with a parrot. I don't have to touch his junk. In fact, you can't even see a parrot's junk.
Next time he screams, I will remind myself how thankful I am of that.

Denise said...

OMG Jacque, that made me laugh out loud!!!!

Look back in the block for a words to the Sheath Cleaning Song. OMG it is hilarious!!!