Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting ready for the ACTHA ride

I went out to the barn today to see the horses for just a few minutes.  They were on the other side of their shelter and came over to the gate.  Sarge was dripping wet with sweat and wanted all kinds of sugars.  He is such a sweet natured horse.  He truly is a "man's horse" in terms of his very masculine appeal...hard working, no nonsense looking horse.  Yet, he absolutely craves attention.  He loves to be petted, hugged and loved on.  He has been highly trained with loads of push buttons, but I imagine had Sarge just been plain old broke/trained to walk/trot/canter and was owned by some little 12 year old girl he would be the same...sweet as can be and gentle as a kitten.  LOL  one of these days he is going to be my horse!!!  Barry says no but I think that will come to pass...I will give Barry Biscuit and I will ride Sargent San Peppy!

Robin called a meeting at LaCantina this evening to go over duties and answer questions about the ACTHA ride.  I was going to judge a obstacle, but due to not knowing how my leg will be, she is going to put me elsewhere, which is fine with me.  Barry is going to be a Safe Rider out in the back.  Kellie is a safe rider and what I may do is assist her IF I am able to mount Biscuit and ride with this knee.  If not, I will stay up at the front and assist with whatever is needed and what I can do without hurting myself!!!  Kellie is ordering shirts for us and I think we will all have a good time.  Beverly, LeAnn, Lee Ann, Kent, John (met him tonight) and Esther will be judging.  Kellie, Barry and James will be safe riders and I will be doing whatever I can.  It is in 2 weeks so maybe by then I can ride.  It will be exactly 3 weeks from my surgery so I am hoping so.

The LeAnn's aren't riding this week as it is supposed to be uber hot for several days this week.  I haven't rode in 12 days - geez, I miss my rides!!


Jacque said...

Just take care of yourself first and foremost!!!
Biscuit will be there waiting for you faithfully....or Sarge....depending on who wins this debate. Hehehehe!

Denise said...

Yes he is Jacque. I just came in from seeing them (all of 2 minutes) but it is always nice to see them.....can't wait to ride. My leg is better - the muscle isn't hurting so bad today!