Monday, August 15, 2011

Eeekkkkk!!!!! Spider Wrap! and a Clean Trailer!!!

Ring around Tyrrell Park

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Lee Ann B and I went riding at Tyrrell Park this morning.  I tried on the new cinch but decided it will not work and put the old one back on.  I think I will try the neoprene one that I have here at the house.  We tacked up and hit the trail.  We went to the right and walked all the way around...stopping to take down spider webs along the way.

I MISSED ONE and it wrapped around my hat.  I reached up with my left hand and my hat was covered with spider webs and I pulled it away and looked at my hand dangling to the left of my head and ughhhhhhhh   a huge spider was hanging there.  AAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!  I shrieked like a crazy person, shaking my hand and I am sure pulling at Biscuit.  He got a little freaked out and was dancing around - poor guy - I scared him! we went again.  I stopped again to pull the spider webs off of my hat.  I took my hat off (it was my favorite purple one with the sparklies that Kellie gave me) and my sunglasses even had spiderwebs on it.  UGH.  Biscuit didn't want to stand still and I backed him up a few times.  We took off again.  Biscuit stepped in a hole with some downed wood and I think he scared himself and he leaped forward - LOL  He scared me so I guess we were even.  We went all the way around and on the second round we started jogging.  He wanted to go faster than I wanted...I wanted collected and jogging at the slow Quarter Horse jog.  He kept pushing out his nose trying to go faster.  He was met with a firm no...and he had to collect up and go at the right pace.  On the third round I tried a little canter but he does go too fast but he was a good boy and stopped when I asked.  He is doing great.  We rode for 5.6 miles today.

Lee Ann brought him water but he didn't want it.  We loaded up and hauled back to the barn.  I pulled into the center courtyard in front of the arena and we unloaded the horses.  I rinsed him off.  Lee Ann rinsed off Rogue and turned him into the arena.  I backed the trailer up to the washrack and we pulled the mats out and Lee Ann scrubbed those and I scrubbed the inside with a brush.  We swept the water out and I used a towel to soak up the water in the manger.  My trailer was clean!!

I need to clean the outside and wax it.  I want to have the Brenderup for many years to come.  I loaded Biscuit up and hauled him to his pasture.  I pulled the mats back so the trailer would dry.  I unloaded my tack and cleaned out the tack closet of wipes, water bottles, etc.  I brought my bridle home to condition it more. 

When I got home I opened the tack doors, opened the back ramp and pulled the mats out onto the ramp.  I will put them back tomorrow. 

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