Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My trail horse is making progress!

Last month I posted the traits of a top notch trail horse.  I have been working on me and Biscuit.  I need as much help and training as he does!

Biscuit and I are making really good progress.  He can jog a very slow western pleasure jog and keep at that pace for as long as I ask.  He will still speed up some but with The LeAnn's help, I am learning to sit the jog with little or no bouncing, arms in correct position, hands in correct position and in turn, Biscuit is collecting up and driving from the hind end.  I have kicked him up into a lope on two different weekends and he still wants to go faster than he should but I wasn't nervous.  I like to lope but Biscuit isn't a slow loper!!!  He is a fast loper!!!  Slowly we are working on our shortcomings.  He is learning not to walk with his nose up another horses backside but that is mainly because he is now leading the trail rides.  That is huge for me.  He will walk off from other horses now.  He still will back up if he doesn't want to go forward but after a moment or two he will go ahead and move where I am pointing his nose.  I will continue in the coming months working on his lope.  I need to work with him in the arena.  He does know to go into the lope on command or it seems to be that way.  When I have asked for it, I have got it.  Now it is time to get the lope I want!

He will stand quietly for the most part, if he is turned "loose".  He will stand there while I take off his saddle and bridle.  He is having issues with removing the bridle and I think he may need the teeth floated.  They were done in November so it is early but it is just a theory.  For the most part he will stand still to mount.  I make sure we stand still when I first mount.  He sometimes needs a reminder.  He will stand tied for as long as it takes.  He never pulls back when tied.  Good boy.

I will keep working with The Biscuit til we are totally in sync with each other.  He is a good horse and I am looking forward to trail rides this fall.  We are planning trips to Ebenezer, McKinney Roughs and Kisatchie.  I also want to go to Pundt Park as soon as it cools down a little!

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