Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OMG I ran out of Picture Space

I tried to upload a picture of the smoke plume that was around the Jasper area. I took the picture Friday and tried to put in into my post. I had to call my Blog Guru, the amazing Jacque B. She is a master tailor, a master cake decorator that bakes cakes with exotic sounding liqueurs, she can hand model out of this world and makes the most creative elements for her cakes, writes a sugar teachers blog and knows Blogging way more than me and to top it off, she is a crack shot. LOL One is always safe with Jacque. I enjoyed talking with her tonight and her parrot, Tuko was laughing hysterically at my problems. He laughs like her so it is even funnier!

Jacque told me how to go onto Google and add storage space. I have used up 1 gb. I bought 20 gb for the small fee of $5. It will take about 24 hours to process and in the mean time I will blog away. Thanks Jacque B...what would I do without you?!


Jacque said...

Wow, you make me sound bigger than life. However am I going to walk through doorways with such a big head now? LOL!
Thanks!! :-D

Jacque said...

BTW...what is that smoke plume all about. Is there a wildfire in Jasper?