Friday, August 26, 2011

Stitches out ! Hoping to ride in a week to 10 days

My stitches came out yesterday and I can walk a little easier.  Dr. Hayes is simply an amazingly sweet man and did a great job on my knee.  He said the pain above my knee is the blood pooling there and will dissipate and when it does the pain will go away when I flex my leg.  Right now that is hard to do!!!

Biscuit's cut
I went with Barry out to see the horses.  He brought Sarge up and I would have liked to have brought Biscuit up but he said it wasn't a good idea!  LOL  uhhh ok....Biscuit had a cut on his lower neck/shoulder area.   I put SWAT on it later.  I hugged him up and petted him.

I went up front with Barry and hugged up Sarge.  I took a wet cloth and washed his face.  His face is filthy with dust and crust!!!  I have been preparing both boys for a sheath cleaning.  When I got Sarge 2 years ago he wasn't comfortable with his winky being touched.  When he would drop he wasn't dirty like Red was so I have left him alone.  He is scrubbing his butt again and I have been working on desensitizing him to my touching the pouch area.  He is FULL of crud up in there.  I have been pulling it out!  I sprayed a little water up in there and pulled some crud out.

Barry said to take them to the vet for their sheaths and he'd pay....I just actually need tranquilizer's to make them drop.  I will do that next week at the ranch.  I will ask LeAnn if I can use the ranch's medi center and put them in the stock.

Sarge looking like he should - gorgeous!

Biscuit has such a pretty tail!

Biscuit wondering why we aren't trail riding anymore

My sweet man

Biscuit chewing on a treat
Barry rode Sarge in the big arena and I watched for awhile...then I went down and gave Biscuit a few treats and put SWAT on his shoulder cut.

I was watching Biscuit and he was waiting for Sarge.  He started running and bucking in the pasture and then I started filming him.

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