Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shots and worming today

I went to Sam's today and bought two tubes of Zimecterin Gold  -  $13.99 each.  Then over to Dr. Schneider's to pick up their shots.  Cassie labeled them so I would give the right ones to the right horse!  Barry and I went to the barn in the late evening and the boys weren't in their pasture.  They had mowed their pasture and the horses were up in the front side pasture in the mare barn.  We went over there and Biscuit's should had two deep scratches and Sarge's jaw was scraped up...I guess they did that on the fence.

I gave them their shots and poor Biscuit's left side bled some.  Poor guy!!  We wormed them and it was a little bit of a challenge but they both were pretty good about it.  We took them to clean them up. I had Biscuit in the main barn and went and got my potions for his shoulder and his sunburned nose!  I hosed him off because he was full of sweat.  I put SWAT on his shoulder to make sure flies didn't get in it.  I have to fake him out to put the balm on his nose!  I walked him over to the back wash rack and tried to get Sarge to drop.  He has a dirty sheath so next week I am going to have to tackle that issue.  I pulled a big chunk of yuck out....but I need to check for the bean.  We put them back into the paddock and I filled their water up.  It had a bunch of tiny grass pieces in it and Biscuit was acting like he wanted to drink after taking the wormer but he refused the water.  I thought perhaps he didn't like the floating stuff so I added water.  Hopefully he drank after we left.

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