Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Circular Knives are the BOMB!!!

Last week LeAnn P took a trip to DS Farrier Supply and picked all of us up Circular Knives.  I used Julia's awhile back and it was wonderful...so much easier for a woman to use!!  It was $36 and worth every dime.  My other knives just don't compare.

I went to the barn this morning and paid my board for the boys.  Chatted with LeAnn and Linda and then went to get Biscuit.  I pulled him up to the wash rack and got my tools out.  I got Biscuit a hay net of alfalfa.  The last time I did his feet he was a horse's ass about it.  LOL He kept pulling his feet away from me and refusing to pick them up.
Biscuit's front left hoof before I started.  It was chipped in the front.

Front right bars are long and there is some thrush.  I pared down the bars and used the circular knife on the frongs and then nipped the heels to the quarters but not the front.  I then rasped the underside and the topside.
Front left before I started.  Long bars, a corn, and some thrush.  He also has the bump in the front I am working on getting rid of.

front left
Front feet after trimming

Back left after trimming...working on getting rid of the crack.

Back right hoof
Back hooves.

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