Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness

It is hurricane season again.  There is a hurricane running up the east coast as I type. 

I didn't own the horses when we evac'ed for the hurricanes.  I was looking at horses at that time.  I have talked to Margaret and Ray about how the horses fared when the hurricanes hit.  Sarge was hiding up in the woods at the back of Ray's property.  Ray's brother, Bruce, got Sarge and pulled down trees off the road with him.  I am sure Sarge was kinda cranked up!  Red was in the barn at Margaret's and she sedated them as they were really upset by the noise and wind.  Her longhorn steer, Renaldo, got a blue tarp wrapped around his horns and he wasn't exactly the same after that.

I have looked at the pictures of a dead horse down at the beach, stranded cows, and people rounding up the cattle after Ike.  One of my cake customers lost 500 head of cattle - they drowned down in the Winnie area.

Scary stuff.  Out at Plum Nearly, a new equipment barn was ripped up from it pilings and the pilings were huge.  They were still sitting there when I moved Red to PNR.  I bought Red 3 and half months after Ike.  Two of the barns had the roofs peeled off.  LeAnn and Krystina moved the horses to Lumberton to LeAnn's property.

Kellie had to stay but Randy hauled their horses up around Centerville; during Hurricane Rita he had a flat on IH 45 on the trailer.  Gaaaa....Susan hauled her horse to a B&B in Lufkin.  Some people took their horses to the event center in Tyler that rented out stalls for refugees. 

So, I have been thinking of what I will do in the event that I have to haul the boys out. 

1.  I won't wait til the last minute to go!

2.  Depending on where the hurricane threat is coming from will determine which direction I go in.  I could go to

A.  Happy Horse Hotel in Bastrop, TX http://www.happyhorsehotel.com/

B.  Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, TX  http://www.texasrosehorsepark.com/

C.  Lucky B Ranch in Melder, LA  http://lucky4branch.com/

D.  Southern Stables B & B in Lufkin, TX  http://www.southernstables.net/

E.  Brushy Creek in Gloster, MS  http://www.brushycreekguestranch.com/welcome.html

F.  Bar Fifty Ranch in Bismark, AR  http://www.bbonline.com/ar/barfifty/outdoor.html

That is boarding in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.  If there is a threat I will be on the phone making reservations.  I would have to take some feed and most of our tack.  As long as I have them with me and I know they are safe I will be fine.  If I had had a horse when we were in Natches, MS I could have rode instead of being stuck in the hotel!!!

I would have to take Coggins, Health Certificiates, shot records, etc.  Those are up to date so that isn't a problem.  Biscuit is due a Coggins in October and Sarge's was done in late February or March so he is good to go!!

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