Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Soaking a bruised heel

I went out to the barn and drove down to the pasture.  You would know it...they were both all the way in the back....gaaaaa.  I got the bag balm and headed carefully towards the back to make sure I didn't wrench my darn knee!  I got out there and Biscuit walked in a big arc around me.  He stops and I walked up to him.  I wanted to put the balm on his nose and he acted like I was putting caustic acid on him....pulling his face away and I didn't have his halter on.  I put some on Sarge's nose and he wrinkled up his lip and looked so funny.  I finally got enough on Biscuit's sunburned nose.  I walked back to the front and he finally started following me up there.  It is so nice that he now will follow me or seek me out!

I took some pictures of the foal in the next pasture and Azziza.  Azziza is such a little pill...she is a pretty girl though!!

Today's view of the bruise

Soaking in Epson Salts and eating alfalfa

Can I get my foot out of this now?

Biscuit out in his pasture
I brought Biscuit up to the wash rack and got out my circular knife and worked on his frogs.  Working on getting rid of the thrush pockets.  He had a little snag on his front left hoof that I shaved off with the knife and then used my rasp to smooth it out.  I rasped the back hoof what is "cloven"!!!

I took Biscuit back to his pasture with LeAnn in the Gator.  We stopped and took pictures of Rogue for her "GarAnimal" chart with numbers in the even someone's horse is ill it can be reported with accuracy. 

We discussed Sarge and worming patterns that she is going to adopt using Panacur once a year.  She suggested I call Panacur again about Sarge and I did when I got home.  I did talk to the same vet I spoke to before.  She suggested an Ivermectrin so I will be getting him that tomorrow.  She suggested a fecal in 2 weeks.  Getting rid of these worms has been a chore!!!

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