Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visiting The Biscuit

I went out to the barn today.  I was stiff but able to drive.  I went down to the pasture and backed down the ride away and got out and stood by the fence.  Biscuit was in the shelter, Sarge was on the other side of the pasture.  Biscuit finally came over to visit after I kept calling to him.  He was dirty and his mane had grass in it and felt stiff!  I petted him up and took a few pictures of him.  I took the picture and photo shopped it.

I went up to the barn and The LeAnn's were returning from riding out at Tyrrell Park.  They said that the back by Hildebrandt Bayou had been cut and looked terrific.  They said someone kind of suspicious was on the trails near the bayou opening.  That is cause for concern.  They said it wasn't someone who looked like they were out enjoying nature and a hike.  Hummm...just when I was thinking that possibly I could start riding the woods by myself soon since I can now get Biscuit to move out by himself.  Safety first always. 

I did speak to LeAnn P about cutting back on Biscuit's feed.  He is huge - he looked like he had gained 100 lbs this week.  Riding helps keep him in shape and not overweight but we didn't ride as far last week - 10.6 miles as opposed to the approximately 17 miles we generally ride.

I told Kenny today on text that I was hoping to hit 400 miles on Biscuit this year and being off right now doesn't help me get to that number!!!  We currently have 294.8 for 2011 and I am going to try to figure out how many miles we have together since I got him.  I rode him the first time in October of 2010.

Kellie emailed me a link to a place where we may go for a weekend of riding.  I am looking forward to getting better so that I can ride again.  I miss it!!!

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