Sunday, August 14, 2011

Short Ride in the Woods

Riding with the Peeps

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I met The LeAnn's, Julia and Allison at the barn this morning and we were going to meet Kellie and Randy at Tyrrell Park.  I got Biscuit out of the pasture and brought him up.  I took him out and brushed him after he got through eating.  His front right hoof had a flapper of toe in the front.  I got my nippers and cut it off and then used my rasp to smooth it out.  I decided to put his boots on him because of the bruise on his heel.  I didn't want to make it sore.  It doesn't really seem to bother him but I am erring on the side of caution!  I got the boots on him and we loaded up.  I had had 3 hours of sleep and Friday night I only had about 4 hours.  I had a wedding cake sitting on the table ready to deliver so the ride was kinda short.

When I went to put his saddle on he ran sideways and then moved towards me and nearly knocked me down.  I dropped the saddle.  OMG that is twice he has done that.  He didn't want me touching his forehead.  He has a fit when taking OFF his bridle now where he used to lean into my hand to take it off.  It is almost like someone is riding him and being rough with him and I know that is not happening but his behavior has changed.   I think he needs his teeth floated so I am going to have to check that out.  Esther was there and was going to ride Nugget!!!  Doc said he was healthy as the proverbial horse so Esther had rode him before so she was giving him a little go today.  We started out and I was in the lead with crop ready to swat spider webs.  We went out on the levee for just a little ways and Kellie was fussing at Elan to pick up his feet.  She stopped and checked his eye and said it was dilated and they wanted to return to the woods so it was shaded.  Poor fellow...he had some did Biscuit.  I think Elan was a little nervous because his vision was not normal.  Poor baby...he really is a total sweetheart.  Allison got off of Avery because he was cutting up I think.  I didn't see what was going on though.  We went back into the woods and made a loop.  Kellie, Randy, Esther and Allison just did one loop and the rest of of kept going.

Biscuit was NOT happy that the others left the trail. OMG you would have swore he was being sold off the farm.  We stopped to tighten a saddle and when I asked him to go forward he started backing up.....right into the brush.  Lee Ann and Rogue went forward and then Biscuit went too.  We got about a 1/3 of the way down the right side of the trail and started jogging.  We jogged all the way around to the other side almost to the end but we slowed down to let them cool down but LeAnn and Legato went on a little canter.

I was thrilled when LeAnn said I was doing a great job with the jog and my butt was staying in the saddle.  My little head just puffed up.  When we got back to the trailers, Kellie, Esther, Randy and Allison were still there and LeAnn said I was doing a good job and so was Biscuit and I said that I used to be a good rider and am working on it.  Lee Ann B said "you are a good rider!"  God Bless her!!!

I took Biscuit's tack off and was really careful with the bridle.  He seemed scared when I put my hand up to take his bridle off...that bug eyed stiff look he used to get...his nose was flaring and he was breathing hard.  I talked softly to him and just kept my hand there and he eased up some but not much.  He had backed up when I went to take it off and I let him til he stopped.  I took it off of his ears and held it by the bit so it wouldn't clang on his teeth.  I held the bridle ear part near the center of his face til he quieted and then took out the bit.  I told Barry later that it is like someone else if fooling with him as his behavior is different.  Poor guy.

I took him over and washed him off and offered him water.  I scraped him dry and we loaded up and hauled back.  Lee Ann and Rogue went with me.  LeAnn P said later Rogue was aggravating Biscuit in the trailer - ha ha...he is usually the one aggravating Sarge!!  When I dropped him off at his pasture, Sarge was up there and he started scrubbing his tail.  Sigh....I have to check him for a bean...hopefully tomorrow.

We rode 5 miles today...way too much fun.  Lee Ann B and I are going to ride tomorrow.  Woot!!! 

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